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Canadian gamblers love games of chance: though online casinos can’t provide their service to Canadian players, there are many casinos that can satisfy their needs. Land-based and online casinos can become a huge source of relaxation and fun: they entertain players and give them chances to win money. Some online casinos offer very generous jackpots to attract potential clients, others promise huge welcome bonuses to grow their audience: the most successful casinos become big ones and entertain their clients for decades. OLG online casino is one of them: yoju/ja the gambling company is relatively old and experienced and the creation of their website was just a matter of time. In 2015 the website was created: since then every gambler can buy lottery tickets and play OLG online comfortably.

Nowadays the service allows its customers to use OLG CA online with the help of personal computers and Android gadgets. The casino is highly recognizable by Canadian players: it has been promoted a lot and its name is well-known by many gamblers of the country. Though OLG is mostly associated with lotteries, it also has its unique casino games on the platform: modern gamblers aren’t just satisfied with lotto and seek more entertainment. Therefore, players with different preferences and interests can find something special there: whether you’re someone who only starts to explore the world of gambling or a person who’s experienced in gambling, you can find something interesting there. What you should know about OLG online

Though a successful casino and a good casino aren’t always the same, most companies with a long history have earned their big names fair: when a casino has enough money to work for decades, it means that there are always enough active customers interested in gambling there. OLG company was created in 1975, which makes OLG one of the oldest and most experienced gambling companies in Canada. The service is mostly associated with lottery tickets but it also provides slots and table games: the service doesn’t have a diverse range of content on their website but it still can attract enough players there.

Almost every casino has pros and cons: it’s impossible to satisfy every single player without losing a lot of money. Casinos try to find the perfect balance between making a profit and keeping their status of reliable and fair services: being overly generous may lead to their bankruptcy. Therefore, there are advantages and disadvantages in almost every casino: a potential client should know about all details in advance to pick the perfect gambling platform for them. There are some pros that can motivate you to play OLG online:

• OLG definitely has a big name, so most people find OLG online casino reliable because of that. There was huge advertising in Canada: most local gamblers know about OLG, and the fact that the casino exists for so long makes people think they can trust the service. It’s definitely easier to find a casino reliable when even your relatives have tried their lottery tickets at least once: the service is highly recognizable and their huge experience makes people confident about their reputation;

• Playing OLG online games are legal in Canada. It’s no secret that Canadian online casinos face lots of issues in Canada: they can’t be properly regulated by law, so players have to play off-shore online casinos or land-based ones to gamble legally. OLG is legal and licensed: this status makes it reliable in most players’ eyes. License is a must-have for every big casino: the service must suit some strict criteria to be approved of, and OLG keeps its license well;

• OLG has a mobile app for Android users allowing them to gamble wherever they are. Most modern gamblers use their gadgets to play: it allows them to play at any moment without going to a real casino or staying at home in front of their computers;

• The service has unique OLG online games created especially for them. They might be interesting to people looking for something new: there are slot games, a few table games, progressive jackpot games and lotto available online;

• You don’t have to pay to try them: there are some free OLG slots online that can help customers to practise and learn some gambling rules safely. Though you can’t win real money playing free games, it can be a good way to spend time and to try different gaming mechanics;

• The service provides 24\7 support for clients: specialists are always available to solve your issues and answer all the important questions. Though it’s always better not to have any troubles at all, the presence of support managers brings confidence to players.

OLG online gaming has some disadvantages as well: the service has mixed feedback and most players tend to trust a land-based OLG more than its online version. To pick a perfect online casino for gambling you should know some of these details:

• Though most online casinos have mobile versions of their sites, OLG isn’t one of them: the service doesn’t work via mobile browsers, which makes it hard for many gamblers to achieve it. Players who can’t (or simply don’t want to) use a full version of the website don’t have any other options than downloading the app – but it’s not that simple with that as well;

• OLG has an app for their clients but only those who use Android-based gadgets. There’s no iOS version of the service, so gamblers using Apple products aren’t able to gamble OLG casino games while being away from home. Though Android users have an opportunity to download the app, they won’t be able to find it on GooglePlay: the service doesn’t approve of gambling, so users should download an app from the official site. And even after it isn’t all done: users should change their phone settings to allow the installation of apps made by unknown developers;

• Some players are sure that OLG is unfair: they claim that their odds can be changed to intervene their way to succeed. Knowing that the casino is licensed it’s hard to imagine OLG playing unfair but these rumours make many players concerned;

• A small number of games is often a pretty bad sign: unlike land-based casinos, online gambling services don’t have to spend too much money or other resources to maintain their business. Most big online casinos offer hundreds of games to play: OLG presents much less than that. Also, the fact that their games are created especially for their service concerns some players: they tend to trust casino content made by huge studios like Microgaming more;

• The service also has complicated regulations and rules. Customers tend to avoid services with overly sophisticated rules because it can become a reason for misunderstandings. Players often disapprove of services making things too complicated: no one wants to drill the rules and learn them by heart to understand what’s going on.


The service is most suitable for players who trust the name of the brand more than online users’ reviews: this online casino has mixed feedback and isn’t suitable for everyone. At the same time, the company existing for so long definitely knows their business and how to keep their audience. The company most famous for their lotteries offers a good gambling experience in this kind of gambling but there aren’t many slots available for pokie fans.

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